For fourth year in a row, stakeholders of the photonics eco-system will meet in Valencia, in a two day event combing keynote presentations, business to business meetings, commercial exhibit and demonstrators sessions.

The present edition will be structured into four blocks: photonic technologies and applications, programmable photonics, micro-fabrication and assembly and mergers and acquisitions in photonics. The goal of the event is to create synergies from application oriented and technology makers participants.

More information: https://piw.webs.upv.es/


Prof. Pascual Muñoz Muñoz and Mr. Rubén Alemany Server, Instituto de Telecomunicaciones y Aplicaciones Multimedia (iTEAM) de la UPV.


Day 1 / 13th January 2020

8:00 AM Registration Starts
09:00 h Opening
09:15 h Morning 1 – Photonic Technologies and applications
13:00 h Lunch
14:00 h Business to business meetings 1
15:30 h Afternoon 1 – Mergers and acquisitions in photonics
17:30 h Business to business meetings 2
19:00 h Welcome reception

Day 2 / 14th January 2020

8:00 AM Registration Starts
09:00 h Morning 2 – Micro-fabrication and assembly
11:30 h Morning 3 – Programmable photonics
13:00 h Closing and Lunch
15:00 h Business to business meetings


Sponsorship package details Platinum Gold Silver
Number of registrations included 2 2 1
Bag insets yes yes yes
Business to business meetings management yes no no
Logo hard prints on:
Signage yes no no
Roll-ups yes yes yes
Notebook front yes no no
Notebook back yes yes yes
Logo on-line prints on:
Event website yes yes yes
Social networks yes yes yes
Sponsorship package fee

*This amount will be increased by the corresponding VAT if applicable.

 €     975,00  €     775,00  €     550,00



Exhibitor package details  
Booth space in the exhibition area (including space, access to wifi and basic furniture) yes
Logo on-line prints on event website and Social networks Yes
Logo hard prints on Roll-ups yes
1 registration yes
Exhibitor package fee

*This amount will be increased by the corresponding VAT if applicable.

*Exhibit materials transportation, delivery and installation are at the cost of the exhibiting party.

 €     650,00

To define the conditions of the sponsorship/ exhibitor, an agreement must be signed between the entity and the Universitat Politècnica de València.

The sponsorship and the corresponding services to be provided by the organizer of the event will be conditioned to the reception of the economic contribution.


Interested parties will submit the PIW2020-Dossier-Sponsor form (last page) to: pascual.munoz@upv.es

Upon reception of this form (annex 1), UPV staff will contact back with a draft document containing the sponsorship agreement document, and subsequent actions towards formalization.