Day 1 - Monday 20th of March, 2023

19:00-21:00 hWelcome reception

Day 2 - Tuesday 21st of March, 2023

SessionSlotTimeOrganizationSpeakerTitle / Topic
Session 1
Hybrid PICs and applications
008:45-09:00 hsecphoSergio SáezOpening
109:00-09:30 hRockley PhotonicsDhiraj KumarIII-V hybrid integration with silicon photonics
209:30-10:00 hChilasSami MusaHybrid III-V / silicon nitride external cavity lasers
310:00-10:30 hLuxQuantaSebastian EtcheverryContinuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution systems
410:30-11:00 hPICadvancedCarla RodriguesPhotonic transceivers for telecom networks
11:00-11:30 hCoffee break
Session 2
PIC foundries and PERTE Chip Programme
511:30-12:00 hAlmae TechnologiesFrançois LelargeIII-V foundry services for photonics
612:00-12:30 hGrapheneaElías TorresGraphenea: dedicated graphene foundry
712:30-13:00 hSPARC FoundryFrancisco SoaresSPARC Foundry III-V technology roadmap and offering
813:00-13:30 hComisionado PERTE ChipJaime MartorellSpanish flagship programme for semiconductors: PERTE Chip
13:30 hsecphoSergio SáezCierre e intro a B2B
13:30-15:00 hLunch
Session 3
Applications of photonics
915:00-15:30 hNIT EuropeArturo BaldasanoHigh speed infrared systems for industrial applications
1015:30-16:00 hImasenicRenato TurchettaCustom Image sensors: every photon matters
1116:00-16:30 hDAS PhotonicsCarlos GarcíaPhotonic Technology for Space and Defense
1216:30-17:00 hFYLA LaserPere PérezUltra-short pulse high-rep-rate laser communications
17:00-19:00 hB2B meetings + Cleanroom and lab tours
19:00-21:00 hNetworking dinner

Day 3 - Wednesday 22nd of March, 2023

SessionSlotTimeOrganizationSpeakerTitle / Topic
Session 4
From prototypes to products
1309:00-09:30 hiPronics Programmable PhotonicsDaniel PérezProgrammable photonic processors
1409:30-10:00 hVLC PhotonicsIñigo ArtundoChallenges to transition from PIC prototypes to products
1510:00-10:30 hBioherentJonas LeuermannUltra Sensitive Photonic Biosensors on a Chip
1610:30-11:00 hLigentecMariam A. BenelfaquihSilicon nitride foundry: from prototyping to high volumes
11:00-11:30 hCoffee break
Session 5
New start-ups in photonics
1711:30-12:00 hLeapWave TechGuillermo CarpinteroTerahertz Technology Breakthroughs to meet 6G challenges
1812:00-12:30 hAluvia Sonia García-BlancoAluminum oxide photonic integration platform
1912:30-13:00 hIloominaVictor TorresUltra-low loss silicon nitride photonic chips
2013:00-13:30 hmapsi PhotonicsDaniel Segura GarciaMid-infrared silicon based filters
13:30-15:00 hLunch